Shadow is done! They have proceeded to pry themselves up off the roof…

Wow, I am so tired but so elated.  Not many art projects turn out just how you plan them to…but this one did!  Yesterday was an amazingly beautiful  and dramatic sunset, and I enjoyed it up on the roof with my constant seagull companions and such cool light. 

34 thoughts on “Shadow is done! They have proceeded to pry themselves up off the roof…

  1. Marlin Andrew – you have outdone yourself once again! The once and only arachnographer has struck the Seattle Center….. Beware of similar
    ultra-creative onslaughts across the globe at elevated monuments of renown!
    All hail, King Marman!!!

  2. What about painting the shadow of the Space Needle cast upon the Armory roof along with the spider murals?

  3. that would be easy to do as the big shadow passes by in the middle of the morning. but even since I started working…in the 3 weeks I was there, the arc of the shadow changed dramatically…the sun is dropping down fast!

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  8. Unbelievably awesome work! Seattle Center will never be the same. The comments I heard from random folks as I ate in the Space Needle expressed amazement and utter delight!

  9. What a perfectly rude thing to do. I hope this is set to be painted over, because almost no one coming to the Space Needle wants to take in the view of Seattle and be startled to see giant spiders. Why not add arachnophobia to your acrophobia?
    However, the design itself is pretty brilliant. I just hope it’s a temporary work.

  10. I tried to mitigate the arachnophobes by not depicting spiders (but opiliones). I think they will change the roof in the next few years…so expect it to stay until then!


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  14. I was just there today and saw them. In twenty-odd years, this is only the second time I’ve been up in the Space Needle. I’m glad I got to see your mural! It’s marvelous! 😀

  15. The spiders were unexpected but absolutely amazing particularly now that I see they are 2-D. Fantastic work! This will be one of the memories I share when I get back home to Oklahoma.

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  18. Opiliones are exquisite and intriguing arachnids and I’m happy to see that you’ve given them their due with such a careful and stunning treatment. I recommend Sue Hubbell’s “Broadsides from Other Orders” and her chapter devoted to opilionids.

    I would prefer that the mural remain beyond their predicted shelf/roof life.

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  20. Dell,
    I just went to the roof in early August and touched it all up! Lots of scraping seagull crap off the roof with my scuffy foot, but lots of painting too. It looked good enough from the Needle when I went up, but after touching it up it was incredibly sharp and popping so much more.

    I hope to do it each year if I can…maybe add to it?

    Thanks for your message!

  21. We went up in the Space Needle knowing nothing about your mural. We happened to look down and WOW! Fantastic and amazing! You did a beautiful job; it’s just unbelievable how realistic they are.

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  24. Until my recent visit to Seattle, I had no prior knowledge of the daddy long legs murals. They are breathtaking! I actually assumed that they were sculptures and was trying to figure out what building they were on and why that building. After looking down at it from several different areas of the needle, I still thought the shadow was so amazing that it HAD to be a sculpture. Bravo!! I lost the bet. Coolest idea ever.

  25. My toddler daughters saw this for the first time earlier today before brunch at the Space Needle. They asked me if they were real spiders. My daughters give your work two big thumbs up!