creodonts vs tapir baby

updating you now, I have just come up with this comp for the creodont that is about 80% finished.  I think I will give them some “flair” in the form of stripes or facial coloration or leopard stripes…any suggestions?

This is a preliminary sketch for a painting I am working on.  It is a Paleo-reconstruction of a scene from the Cenozoic which will focus on predation among a few common mammals of that time.

This crazy creature is actually an ancestral female tapir attempting to shield her young from marauding carnivores.  (Tapirs are alive today and are so cool to check out at a zoo!)  Surrounding her curiously and opportunistically will be a few Creodonts.  Note:  there are no creodonts at zoos, nor on our planet, and you should be grateful.  They were the dominant predator in North America for many millions of years; they might have hunted in packs and behaved much like the cooperative hyenas of today, but might not have.  One interesting thing that we do know is that Creodonts didn’t have much in the way of stereo vision, so that would have affected their hunting style and approach…hmmm, how should I translate that into this depiction?

Each of these have left fossilized tracks in stone in Whatcom county, in Washington state, and this painting will be for a display for Western Washington University.  I am still deciding on the coat for the Creodonts, so any suggestions are welcome!

we all have latent superheroes in us

I was commissioned to take the composition of a photograph of this father and his son to become illustrated analogous versions of Captain America and his sidekick Bucky.  The setting was to be the aftermath of a serious battle with copious bodies and smoke- like any decent battle has.

The part that was most fun was was definitely transforming Bucky’s uniform down to toddler size.  While researching the comics and graphic novels, it was fascinating to see all the iterations the uniform has gone through over the eons that Capt America has been around.

We initially discussed making it a physical painting, but after seeing all of the Capt America art that he most wanted me to draw inspiration from, (and recreate the style of…which btw was all digital), we realized it should be digitally painted.

I started off with a fairly tight pencil sketch of the heroes with their uniform details, transferred that to photoshop, then began the task of building masks and layering up the paint and brush strokes.

jumbo painting of Red Rock crab

This piece was a commission to be something nautically inclined, with crabs being foremost among the themes.  Given the opportunity, who doesn’t love crab and shrimp feeding appendages up close???

Cancer productus is a native of our fair Puget Sound waters, and is carnivorous- wasting no time wasting barnacles by crushing them in its pincers.  This piece is fairly large, 24×48 inches, and was fun to do because of the diversity in colors and textures.  I took some liberties to stylize some of the forms in pushing it further into the camp of “art”, and I am happy how it turned out- real close to what I had envisioned before I started.

This won’t be my last crab!  The next painting should be an even closer look at those wicked apparatus, (which by the way is the plural of the singular apparatus!)

Pet Portraits are now available!

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