3 ways that arachnids inject venom into their prey


I made this graphic to showcase the incredible evolution of venom-injecting structures that these major groups of arachnids have independently arrived at.  The scorpion thru the telson, or the tip if the “tail”; the wolf spider (you can tell by the eye arrangement- check out the lower row of 4 eyes!) injects via fangs at the tip of its chelicerae.  Lastly the pseudoscorpion has venom administered via its vestigial pedipalps- it even evolved an opposable thumb to compliment it!  And we thought we were special?

2 thoughts on “3 ways that arachnids inject venom into their prey

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  2. Herr Peterson,
    I need to find out if arachnid venom, and Hymenoptra venom are alike in any way. I am a writer and I have an idea for a story where the Villain uses spider venom to kill his victims, some of whom were also allergic to bee stings. Can you help me out?

    Max C. Bärfelz