2 minute VIDEO of the whole mural!

This is my video summary of the major steps in the process of making it all look right. It was simple, but difficult and technical at the same time…is that believable? Hope you like it…HUGE THANKS to Jonathan Jackson at jhjackson.com for his skilled editing and technical help!  He is the best.

Perhaps if you are wondering, it took:

about 12 trips up into the Needle
about 2 weeks to make the models and create the digital plan of action
about 3 days making the outlines by dragging fat lumber crayons over the rough composite roof
about 6 gallons of house paint of about 7 colors
about 2 weeks of rolling paint
about 15 4-inch rollers
about $120 dollars of spray paint that I never used because it was too windy (!!)

The widest span between leg tips is about 100 feet

Number of times they are referred to as “spiders” vs “harvestmen”:  287:1

13 thoughts on “2 minute VIDEO of the whole mural!

  1. I visited the Space Needle yesterday with out-of-town relatives and we were all delighted by your “spiders”. It looks so realistic we didn’t believe the elevator operator when she said it was painted! I’m even more impressed seeing all the work that went into the project. I’m so happy I had a chance to see this – I feel like I’m in on a little secret!

  2. it was the hottest days of the year, but it was VERY FUN to be up there on the roof. Stressful that I get it done right, but so nice to take the AC elevator up at the end of each day to check that it still looked right. thanks for your comment!

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