Suffering Sloths…

I have begun finally departing from the pencil and getting base coats of paint slathered onto my plywood.  I won’t explain anything, but let the martyrdom of this innocent sloth speak for itself.  It is 48 inches tall and 24 inches wide, and I really enjoy the unique vertical orientation and making the goods fit into it.

I have started to put in some of the wood grain, and am considering switching to oil paints for the sloth….but then again, my heavy ass hands need to rest on the wood to paint and oil ain’t not no good for that.

Probably go for a rainy/cloudy sky next after the wood gets a bit closer.

Update:  dark sky foundation brushed in…but still can’t decide if I should make this terrible day rainy and windy?  Tropical vs. Temperate?  I can envision some mold about to happen on the woods soon…

Nocturnal Heads

nocturnal head portraits

nocturnal head portraits

Finally we are to do a large project using scratchboard.  it is such an amazing medium…for how it looks, and for its forgiving nature.  Basically its paper coated with clay that you can brush or use a pen to get your blacks, then you follow up with a sharp stylus that scratches the black back away, giving you white lines over black.  All together you can do anything with it- I am excited to imagine a B&W illustration using scratchboard, then color it digitally.  The cleanest lines can be tidied up even tidier, and every gradation can be achieved.

For this image, I decided to research a broad spectrum of the animal kingdom and settle on an 7 team roster that had some of the largest eye to head ratios I could find.

Clockwise from the top left is a gecko, a jumping spider, a barred owl, a treesnake, red-eyed frog, a dourocouli, and in the center a preying mantis.

check out a larger image in my portfolio.