Mantispids have the most amazing lifecycle of any creature on earth. Period.

newly hatched mantispid larvae await the ride of their lives

..but I would love to be convinced that there is something even cooler.  The larvae of the order Neuroptera have the most incredible repertoire of ambush predation…someday I hope to illustrate the best of them!

This illustration was by far for me the most fascinating to research and I learned about this creature in so many ways, on so many disparate levels.  It could very well be the coolest creature on our planet today.

I feel bad for the spiders, but all life on the planet is preyed on from microbes or fungus on up at some point in their existence.

let me know what you think!  or if you know of other crazy relationships among insects and spiders!

tenderly feeding from within the protected eggsac 

my artwork was chosen for the cover of the December CAS proceedings issue!

my neuro-illustration on the cover of CAS proceedings

colored pencil head on inside

I am so excited that my habitus illustration of the Neuropteran Ceraeochrysa lineaticornis was chosen for California Academy of Science’s December 2009 newsletter.  I did the image for Norm Penny while doing an internship with the CAS, where I also rendered a sweet head profile of Ceraeochrysa smithi that was used for a different section of his genus revision.