Pet Portraits are now available!

Sometimes our beloved pets feel we don’t quite go far enough in demonstrating our love for them.  That’s why here at we have developed a fresh approach to addressing the needs of your pet.

Imagine what a painting of your pet’s portrait on a wall could do for your relationship?

Any size piece or medium can be tailored to match your adorable animal with your discriminating decor.   With post-economic-crisis prices and the holiday season fast approaching, there is just no better time to take advantage of a starving artist.

I just need a picture and the final size you want to get started.


One thought on “Pet Portraits are now available!

  1. I have a pet rock. Can you do a portrait of him? Don’t be fooled. He’s not some river pebble, smooth and polished. No. He’s a chunk of a pre-Cambrian felsic granitoid-schist, with garnet crystals. Help me, Marlin Peterson, you’re my only hope. All is well. I really liked the bici-burrito. It took me back to our high school days.