my artwork was chosen for the cover of the December CAS proceedings issue!

my neuro-illustration on the cover of CAS proceedings

colored pencil head on inside

I am so excited that my habitus illustration of the Neuropteran Ceraeochrysa lineaticornis was chosen for California Academy of Science’s December 2009 newsletter.  I did the image for Norm Penny while doing an internship with the CAS, where I also rendered a sweet head profile of Ceraeochrysa smithi that was used for a different section of his genus revision.

9 thoughts on “my artwork was chosen for the cover of the December CAS proceedings issue!

  1. Word up, dude! Congrats on the publication. It’s funny, but the Cereochrysa lineaticornis is my favorite Cereochrysa, unlike that poser Ceraeochrysa smithi. Seriously, get a life smithi…stop trying to be so lineaticornis and be your own Cereochrysa!

    Anyway, congrats on your acheivement. Looking forward to seeing more such publications in the future!

  2. Marlinian —
    If I could even decipher 1% of which you write or draw, I would be proud of myself beyond words. Apparently the word on the street is correct — you did go to special school!
    Your talent for writing and drawing is just plain stupid.
    Love from the clam beds.

  3. Marlin,
    Your work is phenomenal. I learn so much from your creations even though I am not a scientist. I believe your work is a bridge between the professional and the common man who knows little of the scientific arena.
    Congratulations on your incredible accomplishments. I await the unfolding of even more as time goes on.

  4. Marlin, that ant cover is cool. I think we should frame it and put it up on the wall. Seriously! It’s like fine art. What are the odds of getting a framable print? Do you own the rights or the mag?
    Hope you can get down to the land of milk and honey someday (ha!).

  5. Wow!!! Amazing stuff, I have never seen the chef one which I would love to have a copy! I thought you only did bugs, maybe you could do a chef one with raw and cooked bugs : )


  6. Marlin, don’t forgot about us little folks when you make it big time…because you are definitely on your way :). Dude, I am really stoked you are getting published! The website is awesome! Keep up the hard work…it’s clearly paying off!

  7. Marlin, Late night and many re-reads finally has me writing to tell you how much I really love your illustrations. I’m so proud of what you do. Please let us know how to get copies of the publications….and I’ll keep checking your great website often to see what’s next! Love you!