4 thoughts on “aquatic insects

  1. I have an aquatic insect in my pool that looks like the bottom one in your illustration has two like tentacles. My question is, is it dangerous and how did it get in my pool. Thank you

  2. Hey Aldo!
    the insect is a “hemipteran”, or more specifically an aqautic hemipteran, and it is not dangerous at all, unless you are in its range of prey. They are predators for sure, and even of little fish but mostly little other invertebrates.

    I was going to tell you it couldn’t hurt you, but according to wikipedia, they can inflict a painful bite akin to a mosquito bite…(if that is considered painful that it…annoying maybe)

    check it out! those tentacles you referenced are actually feet that is uses like oars to swim.

    It got there because believe it or not, it flies! they are great flyers that move from pond to pool and anywhere in between to find the best setup for their lives.

    thanks for the comment!
    best of luck with it

  3. why would you want to get rid of these beautiful beings? neither of these 3 will bite you, or propogate themselves to become so numerous to be a niusance.
    I would suggest that you get some goggles and/or a microscope and check them out up close…if they will let you!